New National Monuments Declared in Our Desert | Historic Day for the Desert

Photo Courtesy Jack Thompson of The Wildlands Conservancy

Responding to the urging of Friends of the Desert Mountains and others, President Obama has taken action today to protect natural wonders of the California Desert as national monuments. These treasured areas, including the new Sand to Snow National Monument flanking the Coachella Valley to the north, will now be protected and enjoyed for generations to come.

A big thank you on behalf of Friends of the Desert Mountains to all our supporters and volunteers who wrote to the President, attended the Whitewater hearing last year, and have spent so much time and effort marshaling and showing support for affording these areas the recognition they deserve. These new national monuments feature unparalleled scenery, offer numerous recreation opportunities, and provide critical habitat connections for a vibrant desert ecosystem. Our Valley is enriched again by your efforts.

Please join us in thanking President Obama and Senator Feinstein for permanently protecting these remarkable lands!


Robert Hargreaves
Friends of the Desert Mountains